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Joseph Rain, the co-founder of i9, says that he is a buff believing in endless opportunities; a man of deep belief. His belief is not founded on assumptions but rather on extensive research, scientific facts and personal experience.

He spent the last 30 years researching the truth, spirituality and the meaning of life by combining science, religion and philosophy. The life path led him through numerous countries and experiences, but he has found out that the answers lie within himself.

During his journeys he studied and sometimes also got to know many people who inspired him. One of them was also an inventor and the advocate of programming technology – Mr Poznik. He studied the product programming procedures for around 3 years, monitored the results and tried to find a way how to bring this extraordinary technology close to people.

Later on, he and his counterparts, today’s partners in the i9 project and his friends, set a straightforward goal:

“To provide people a simple and direct access to live drinking water with a better structure.”

i9bottle by Positiva rešitve d.o.o.
i9bottle by Positiva rešitve d.o.o.
i9bottle by Positiva rešitve d.o.o.


And as a logical consequence of the above-mentioned realisation, we have developed an online store and introductory pages for i9 on the Magento platform:


Currently, Magento is the most flexible e-commerce platform. It is a masterpiece as it offers endless options to technology buffs. Magento supports several currencies, tax rates, product groups, groups of customers… It is easy to integrate with various payment systems such as PayPal for example.

Magento e-commerce looks professionally and well organised. The platform provides the largest number of functions and options possible allowing you to build the optimal e-commerce. It comprises virtually everything, from promotional activities, to private sales, customer segmentation…

All pages are run on a single Magento platform in the multistore mode with one single platform being responsible for all subordinated domains. The rights to edit the content have been granted to different persons with different roles, and they can only edit the content which they have been granted the rights for. Each substore can have its own different content and different products and not only translation of the main content.

The main additional modules that have been implemented are: Advanced permission, GDPR, FAQ, Revolution Slider, Blog, Affilate, One Step Checkout, Store locator, Testimonials and Advanced Search. Customised modules that we have developed specifically for the client are: Positiva_AdditionalCmsPageLayouts, Positiva_Ajaxnewsletter, Positiva_Pages in Positiva_Sendcoupon.

According to the client, the sales soared drastically after they had initiated their online store. You are thus invited to have a look at their web site and to do some shopping. In case you want to know more about online stores, please contact us at: info@positiva.si.