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Have you ever asked yourself how to lower the cost of and facilitate the tender preparation and implementation procedure for funds allocation and co-financing?

Do you know how many hours it takes to copy the collected data to an electronic form? How many human errors occur in doing this? How much time do you spend for rejecting the applications that were not supposed to reach you in the first place?

How to make the procedure more friendly both to you and the applicants, more transparent and easier to use?

Procedure rationalisation

  • less time and costs required to implement the tender procedure;
  • relieving colleagues of work load and shortening working hours;
  • minimum possibility of mistakes due to automatic self-verification;
  • automatic generation of assessment sheets, results, decisions, contracts etc.
  • transparency – entire history of funds allocation in one place;
  • data ready to be analysed statistically (export of data as per individual parameters);
  • allows the explanation of individual assessment*
  • coordinated with ZUP, ZEPEP and ZIPro.

E-razpisi Positiva rešitve d.o.o.
E-razpisi Positiva rešitve d.o.o.
E-razpisi Positiva rešitve d.o.o.



E-tenders online solution allows the following


  • the entire procedure is implemented through an online application (the possibility of a 100% e-procedure based on e-signatures)
  • data contained in the application is prepared to be processed
  • filters can automatically stop inaccurate or inadequate applications
  • data can be exported to all accounting software programs
  • electronic tender is applicant- and funds grantor-friendly
  • it can be adjusted to each and every tender.
Measurable user benefits


Starting points:

  • The analysis is made on the basis of several implemented tenders
  • Values are normalised per 1000 applications


Working time (in hours) Former implementation method Implementation
through e-tenders
Time required to copy the applications received 270 0
Time required to copy the applications received 36 0
Time required to check substantive mistakes 87 0
Time saved to assess the applications 0 82
Time saved to prepare decisions, invitations, amendments, contracts… 0 47
Total time saved to implement the tender 522 hours


Increased quality of the tender implementation (in terms of mistakes or complaints) Former implementation method Implementation
through e-tenders
Mistakes that occur during the copying procedure 39 0
Applications rejected on account of substantive and administrative mistakes 53 0
Complaints due to administrative mistakes 27 0
Total 119 mistakes 0
Some experiences of users


The online application for participation in tenders to receive co-financing by the Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities has simplified the work for both the applicants and the administrative service of JSKD. It allows applicants to complete the forms in a more transparent manner, warns them of mistakes and allows them to archive all the applications submitted to our tenders and thereto related documents. The number of applications rejected on account of inadequate financial construction has dropped to zero. The same applies to rejected applications that up until now could be filed by unauthorised persons as well. Due to e-applications there is no need for a time-consuming copying of data from the printed forms into electronic data sheets, and the members of the committees obtain the applications to be assessed in an electronic form. Issuing documents is easy and allows no mistakes. Application developers have demonstrated they understand the specifics of our tenders and adapted the application to our needs.

Marjeta Turk, Assistant to the Director
Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities

In all these years, the information support to the public call for co-financing of youth work and status in public interest has proven to be an effective aid in more than one field of the Office’s work. The administrative work has been significantly decreased as there is no need to enter the data on the applicants as it is entered by the applicants themselves at the time of filing their applications. The assessment phase allows simultaneous work; the analysis of results at the committee level is immediate, and allows to run check-ups, the analysis of final results is immediate. The main office also does their work much faster, the scope of work to prepare decisions and contracts is decreased, the data is imported, the possibility of making mistakes while entering the data has been significantly decreased. Our experience in working with Positiva is good as they are a very responsive partner, solving any unsolved issues within the same day; as regards development area, they provide suggestions that improve the functioning of the application.

Aleš Ojsteršek, Undersecretary
Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport
Office of the RS for Youth (URSM)

Slovenian Book Agency (JAK)

Ever since it has been introduced in 2013, the application allowing the applicants to file their applications to public tenders of the Slovenian Book Agency has proven to be a reasonable upgrade of the tender implementation procedure. In particular, the application has facilitated administrative work and copying of data for those in charge of the tenders. At the same time, it allows to export certain data for analytical purposes. Our users are also satisfied with the functioning of the application, especially because they are warned of any potential omissions while entering data. One of the positive effects is a lower number of incomplete applications which facilitates the implementation of a tender procedure. Members of expert committees can review the forms submitted within the application environment, and can submit their point(s) and descriptive assessments. The contractor adapts the application to our needs and requirements on a rolling basis and provides adequate and timely support to both internal and external users.

Aleš Novak, Director of the Slovenian Book Agency


All references


The application has already been successfully used by the Office of the RS for Youth; Ministry of Education, Science and Sport; Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities; City of Ljubljana; City of Maribor; Idrija Municipality; Ajdovščina Municipality; Postojna Municipality; Public Fund of Small Businesses of Goriška Region and Slovenian Book Agency. The application complies with ZUP, ZIPRS, ZEPEP and allows data to be exported to MF-ERAC and SPIS as well as to other documentary and accounting applications.