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Nowadays, a quality web site is a must

We advise and explain to our clients that a mere web site is not enough for a successful business. The client also has to make sure for proper identification and quality. We encourage our clients to invest not just in the quality and appearance of their stores and other sales points but also in their web site which is contributing more and more to the first impression of client, loyalty and attractiveness for a potential buyer.

A web site that is perfect both in terms of design and functionalities is of crucial importance for a company. Any web site designed by Positiva is made in a responsive mode meaning it looks great on any device.

Advantages of a web site

Nowadays, a web site has become a must for each and every business. A quality web site is a competitive edge as it communicates the first impression of the business. An endless number of potential clients may see the creation, design, content and overall concept of your web site. Below are listed some of the advantages of web sites:

Duration of web sites - advertising on web sites is not limited in time. Web sites are active even when other media are not.

The size of web sites - they allow to display large quantities of data, pictures, videos. To have a web site designed is the most cost-effective solution.

Easy updates - web sites allow easy editing of the content through the CMS system.

Price competitiveness - to have a web site designed is proven to be the cheapest way of promotion, provided the right approach is used.

Impact on the company - designing a quality web site has a positive impact on the business. This can clearly be seen from analysing the impacts of web sites on the operations of a business.

Brand strengthening - a web site provides promotion and contributes to brand strengthening. What is important is that your web site is designed in a contemporary manner and in compliance with your overall corporate identity.

Content management system

Each web site has its own content management system (CMS). The system is intended for managing the structure and content of the web site. Its modular design and open architecture allow us to make adjustments to any needs of our clients in terms of both content and functionalities. The system is run online so that administrators may edit the content anywhere as long as they have access to the internet.


used Technologies

To design your perfect web site we use Concrete and WordPress platforms. Both are used on a global scale and a large developer community has emerged around them allowing constant improvements and non-dependence on a single provider.

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