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We start designing each and every online store together with our client. We analyse the type of products they want to sell online given their properties, product group. Together we determine product codes and how products will be entered into the system where instead of text data are collected given the pre-set range of product groups. Data structured in this way facilitates the search of products through advanced browsers. We also allow the possibility to upload one or more photos to each product, in various dimensions that are created automatically.

Your online store may be the main sales channel contributing to the growth of your business. What is of key importance when you decide to have your web site designed, is to select a partner who understands both your needs and needs of your customers. Share your wishes, needs and ideas with us, and we will advise you and then implement the optimal solution for you.

Advantages of an online store

Businesses are always on the lookout for new markets and new market channels for their products. Internet has become an international media whose audience is constantly on the rise. The sales have thus found a new marketing channel – an online store that has numerous advantages:

An online store is operating 24/7

The costs of an online store are insignificant compared to a traditional store

Lower operating costs of an online store and thereto related lower prices

Monitoring activity and popularity of products

Facilitating sales in the existing (physical) stores through marketing campaigns

Possibility of business analyses and statistics

More products, wide selection in the store

Facilitated review and updating of product data, the selection of products you have in your online store

Managing data in your online store from anywhere at anytime

More quality information on products

Information support to the sales process in the existing stores

Many other advantages of having an online store designed

Characteristics of designing an online store


Designing a quality online store or web sites intended to sell products online requires skills on various fields. That is why we provide a comprehensive support in setting up your online store. Be it small or large store, with a few or numerous products, we always provide a top-notch design. You can choose among tailor-made designs or you can opt for an individual session with our designer.

If you decide for our system you have to know that the security of both you and your data as well as that of your customers is our priority. The closed system makes it impossible for unauthorised persons to access data. We also comply with the General Data Protection Directive (GDPR). At the same time, the security of our system is enhanced also by using the encrypted SSL connection. Other characteristics of our online stores are:

System for converting between several currencies (prepared for double prices in €)

Possibility of displaying double prices (promo, regular) and special prices (for individual groups of users)

Easy management of your online store from anywhere without any additional software solutions required, all you need is a web browser

Interoperability with the existing systems of your business (sales and POS software)

Modular design allowing easy updates of certain data, RSS exports of web content, HTML templates

Adding products to the online store and managing them is easy

Independent management of the entire online store (adding groups of products, links between the products, categorising)

Modern shopping basket (possibility to shop online with or without registration)

Possibility of shopping analysis and activity statistics

Archiving all purchases and user settings of your online store

Possibility to pay either with a credit card or via other e-systems

Shopping with a safe 128-bit encryption

High level of personal data protection and security of online shopping.

What about the safety when shopping online?

Security is one the most highlighted components when designing an online store. A quality online store provides a high-level security on various levels. Online shopping is thus easy and secure.


Nevertheless, all security systems cannot guarantee a 100% protection. This does not mean, however, that online shopping is not safe or that there is a possibility of misuse. Let us draw a parallel with a traditional store. Even if you have the best possible systems, there are ways to steal your goods. Analyses comparing the number of “frauds” in contemporary traditional stores with the number of “frauds” in online stores show that the number of frauds in online stores is insignificant. Online shopping is safe. Both for consumers and retailers.

Interoperability with accounting systems (ERP)

The online store is interoperable with some of the ERP system such as MS Dynamics Navision, Saop, Vasco, Pantheon, Birokrat and Naturalis. The store can also be connected to your ERP system.

used Technologies

In designing online stores, we use the following most widely used platforms: Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify.

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