A1 Slovenija is the leading private provider of comprehensive communication services in Slovenia. More than 500 employees are dedicated to create solutions that improve the lives of more 700 thousand users in digital era. A1 Slovenija develops reasonable communication solutions corresponding to the current and imminent needs of the users so the latter can experience work, entertainment, creativity and sharing in a more connected manner.

A1 Slovenija has been present in the market since 1999, when they entered the market as the first privately-owned provider of mobile services in Slovenia. Ever since, they have preserved their pioneering position in the area of mobile communications, and has strengthen their position in the market of comprehensive communication services. They use the advanced technology to allow their users to create a user experience that best suits their taste.

A1 sistem digitalnega sporočanja by Positiva
A1 sistem digitalnega sporočanja by Positiva 2
A1 sistem digitalnega sporočanja by Positiva 3


For A1 we have created a system of digital signage and labelling that allows to edit and distribute the price lists as well as advertisements on TV screens, tablets and mobile phones.

What is digital signage? Digital signage is a form of visual communication through dedicated screens showing multimedia content of various formats. It is used to build up and strengthen corporate brands as well as to promote sales and inform clients.

The clients for the aforementioned system are the following native applications: Windows, Ios and Android. The server, front end, back end and API part of the solution is made with the Laravel framework. The solution is particularly attractive because the client had to make minimum investment into the hardware.

You can see the system of digital signage of the company A1 in person in every A1 branch office in Slovenia.

Findings from the surveys confirm that the digital signage system might have positive effect on your operations as well:

  • 7 out of 10 visitors bought a product presented on the screen
  • The digital signage system shortens the feeling of waiting in a queue by 35 %
  • The digital signage system increases the sales of the advertised product by 5-50%
  • Self-initiative queries increase by 5-15%
  • The recall goes up by 60%
  • Improved well-being, better user experience up to 80 %

You can read more about digital signage on the web site dedicated specifically to this product (digital sigange).