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Dnevnik press undertaking was established in 1951 by the Ljubljana SZDL Conference who gave up the ownership in 1989. Since 1991, Dnevnik, d.d., has been a joint stock company. In 1996, the ownership transformation in accordance with the Ownership Transformation of Companies Act was completed in the company leading to a change in the capital structure. The main business activity of Dnevnik, d.d. is regular publishing of the daily Dnevnik which was published for the first time on 2 June 1951 as the Ljubljana Daily. It was published in the afternoon and covered, in particular, the Ljubljana Basin as well as a part of the Gorenjska Region and Dolenjska Region. On 1 April 1968, the Ljubljana Daily became Dnevnik, and in 1970 it received its current format. Throughout the years, the time of publishing was shifted towards morning hours, and in 1988 the first morning edition was published. In that time, the newspaper was delivered across Slovenia. It is published 6 times a week. Dnevnik, d.d. also publishes the Sunday edition Nedeljski dnevnik. The first edition of Nedeljski dnevnik was published on 7 January 1962. Apart from these two editions the company also publishes the following supplements: Pilot, Mod Dom, Nika, Doktor, Oddih etc. Since 1998, Dnevnik has also been available online. Časnik Dnevnik has also developed themed advertising supplements that are published as part of the daily newspaper. Sections Employment & Career and Gazelle Companies have also gained on popularity and readership. In August 2009, Dnevnik, d.d. acquired trade names of Razvedrilo, d.o.o. editions, and has ever since, published puzzle magazines for all age groups of advanced puzzlers and beginners.

Its rich newspaper publishing history, long-lasting tradition of publishing, quality journalism, position in the market of print media as well as its role and significance for the Slovene society place the press undertaking Dnevnik among leading media companies in Slovenia.

Dnevnik’s visions is to become a leading publishing company of print and electronic editions in Slovenia, and to generate higher yields than the most successful competitors in the industry, by integrating media and business opportunities.

Dnenvik by Positiva
Dnevnik by Positiva
Dnevnik by Positiva


We have modernized the web site www.dnevnik.si, which is among the most frequently visited Slovenian online information portals. Since 10 December 2016, the daily Dnevnik has brought to its users fresh and up-to-date news from the world of politics, economy, sport, culture, entertainment and spare time, in a responsive mode. Responsive Web Design is an approach to web design that adapts to the device we use. In practice this means that we can have one web site which can be accessed from different devices and browsers. Yet, its content remains the same and is prepared optimally to be used on our device.

We have also renewed their paywall system or the subscription system. Unsubscribed readers can read four articles in full per month, while the rest of the information is available to them to a limited extent. They can ensure access through one of the attractive subscriber packages that are available here.

Web site Dnevnik.si has been written by means of the ASP.NET MVC framework. It is set up on the Microsoft Azure cloud service. The data search is made through the Solr platform, and the data is saved on the MS SQL server.

We believe that the new features will allow the Dnevnik team to do an even more quality work involving collection, interpretation, creation and communication of relevant news, information, analyses, opinion as well as fun content that bring added value to the general public, business community, subscribers and advertisers. And we can only wish them all the best in doing this.