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The Intersport family which operates in 44 countries counts more than 5,600 stores in total. Are you travelling abroad and you forgot an important piece of sports clothing at home? Are you going away and you are unable to find the last stake for your tent? Or maybe you want to go jogging along the coast and you forgot to bring your running shoes with you?

No worries! If you have any questions regarding the range of products in individual Intersport’s establishments outside Slovenia, their working hours and alike, please contact the Intersport team in the relevant state. The list of states with Intersport stores is available at their web site.

People at Intersport say that in these last years, we have witnessed numerous changes in sports, which have caused people to have a new and different attitude towards sports. In line with these new developments, Intersport has also redefined the philosophy of their brand name. They believe anyone can do sports. Their employees both in Slovenia and abroad, try each and every day to get the message of their brand name across.

They promote professional approach, wide and varied range of products for different sports, sports authenticity preservation and the best possible price-quality ratio underpinned with know-how. At the same time, they try to offer their customers the biggest possible added value by providing an excellent choice of products.

Intersport Aktiv by Positiva
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For our client Intersport we have created a hybrid mobile application INTERSPORT Aktiv which is in line with their philosophy “Sports for Everyone”. INTERSPORT Aktiv application is intended for all those who lead an active way of life and like sports.

The application allows the users to create their sports events in a faster and easier way, and invite their friends, too. They can create unique or periodic sports events. In addition, the application also shows promotional activities, the closest stores as well as their working hours and contact details. According to Intersport, their most active users will receive special benefits.

The hybrid application has been created on the IONIC platform. Hybrid application is an online application in its essence but is included in a “light container” of native application allowing it to use certain functionalities of native platform and to access hardware of the device (camera, calendar, push notifications, display gestures…) which online applications usually have no access to. Just like online applications, hybrid applications are also created with commonly used front end technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS, allowing them to function on all platforms. Just like native applications, the hybrid ones can also be accessed via app stores (Apple App Store and Google Play).

Back end of Intersport application was created with Laravel framework. The application can be accessed from both Apple and Android devices.