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As a leading Slovene producer of electric switches and sockets for more than 40 years, TEM Čatež d. d. has provided their customers with easy adjustable, technologically innovative and aesthetically sophisticated products regulating the well-being and atmosphere in both domestic and professional environment.

In doing their business, they abide by fundamental values such as honesty, openness, mutual trust and cooperation. They provide positive and simple experience to their partners, both in terms of their company and their products. At the same time, the simplicity of installation and use of their products as well as a wide range of colours and materials satisfy the needs of each and every customer, regardless of how demanding their requirements are.
They ensure that everyone involved in daily working processes is treated in an open and transparent manner. Consequently, they try to provide a good user experience to their customers.

Mobilna aplikacija Tem Modul Manager by Positiva
Mobilna aplikacija Tem Modul Manager by Positiva 2
Mobilna aplikacija Tem Modul Manager by Positiva 3


For our loyal client Tem Čatež we have upgraded the online application Tem Modul Manager with a hybrid mobile application created on the IONIC platform. The API development part was created with the Laravel framework. One intriguing feature of the project involves a complex synchronisation of data with the online version as the application runs also in an off-line mode.

Thanks to the TEM Modul Manager application the choice of switches and sockets has never been more fun, easy and comfortable. The MODUL MANAGER configuration tool allows you to design and assemble the modular switches and sockets to suit your taste from the comfortable zone of your armchair.

You can choose among decorative frameworks of 3 designs (Line, Soft and PURE) as well as among a wide range of colours, samples and forms to adjust the switches and sockets to match your furniture, walls and space.

The greatest advantage of a hybrid application is that you only need one version of it. There is no need in designing, developing and maintaining separate versions of applications running on one or the other platform (iOS and Android). Despite this, you will get an application which will allow users a smooth and native-feeling app experience.

The application is accessible through both IOS and Android platforms, and you are invited to have a look at it.