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Transition to cloud storage


Cloud computing provides both individuals and businesses a flexible alternative to purchasing applications, services and infrastructure. Instead of using a local computer you lease and use server capacities (a computing cloud).

Apart from great flexibility this solution also contributes to potentially lower operating costs as it allows you to only pay for the actually used capacities and data storage.

Who cloud computing is for?


Cloud computing is an opportunity for micro, small, medium-sized and new businesses as in most cases these do not have their own computer infrastructure required to do business. In addition, the setting up of such infrastructure entails high costs.

Development of technology and lower prices as well as circumstances in economy have all contributed to the fact that cloud computing is gaining on popularity. Since services are not run on local computers there is also no need for high-performance hardware. All that needs to be run is a user interface of the cloud, and a simple web browser or a similar application can be used for that.

Positive cloud services


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Pay per use

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As regards the flexibility of services the most important thing is that you can lease the services according to your current needs which can also be completely unpredictable.

When capacities are no longer needed you can simply free them up. This is done in a dynamic and automatic way – so no worries. The use of resources is paid on a monthly basis according to the actual use.

The main advantages of cloud services are thus:

  • No initial costs
  • No termination costs
  • Pay-per-use
  • Fast and easy introduction

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