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The mission of BAUERFEIND d.o.o. is to manufacture a wide range of versatile and useful products that could be of use throughout their life span; to provide products for all target groups (young and old, active and little less active as well as children, athletes and business people) in a single point of sale. They try to have something for everyone regardless of their age.

The professional vision of BAUERFEIND d.o.o. is reflected in their catchphrase “To move is to live” by means of which they try to demonstrate that mobility is the key component of human life. In their work, they strive for the development and manufacture of innovative medical devices which comply with the toughest medical requirements and justify their catchphrase which has been the company’s guarantee for years.

Their ultimate goal is to supply the movement-impaired individuals with quality products, expert advice and a wide range of reliable services.

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For our client we have developed an online store on the WooCommerce platform. More than 28% of all online stores are driven by WooCommerce which is a flexible open-code solution with all basic functionalities required for an online store to function. It provides several product types, delivery settings, stock management, vouchers, different payment methods…

In addition, WooCommerce can be extended with its own as well as with WordPress’ plug-ins and themes. The platform WooCommerce provides more than 350 extensions, adds on and themes. WooCommerce is owned by a well-known company WordPress.

WooCommerce is easy to use and extremely suitable for setting up basic and simple online stores “in no time”.

Please have a look at the online store. If you would like to know more about the possibilities the online stores that we create have to offer, please contact us at info@positiva.si.