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Bled Forest Economy is one of the leading Slovenian companies active in the forestry industry. The company was established in 1948 and has ever since managed the forests of Pokljuka and Jelovica which are among the most beautiful and quality forests in the world.

Nowadays, GG Bled is among technologically most sophisticated and modernly organised forest companies in Slovenia.

GG Bled efficiently and responsibly carries out all the forestry work in forests. They also purchase all forest wood products from the owners of the forests in Slovenia, thus contributing to the mutual benefit of the company’s owner and other stakeholders.

Their most important task is to carry out the working process from the cutting of the trees to the selling of the wood to the end buyer in a cost-efficient, quality and responsible manner.

GG Bled by Positiva
GG Bled by Positiva
GG Bled by Positiva


For our client we have developed a business mobile application which is integrated into Microsoft Navision and allows foresters to enter data and to keep the records relating to the cutting of the trees, storage of the wood and selling of it. The application can be used also in an off-line mode meaning it can be used even without the signal.

The application has several modules such as Presence, GIS, Claims, Dispatch, SDN, Contracts, Transportation, Partner and records.

The access to individual modules depends on the user’s role: Buyer, Foreman, Driver and Retailer.

The hybrid application has been created on the Framework 7 platform. Hybrid application is an online application in its essence but is included in a “light container” of native application allowing it to use certain functionalities of native platform and to access hardware of the device (camera, calendar, push notifications, display gestures…) which online applications usually have no access to.

Just like online applications, hybrid applications are also created with commonly used front end technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS, allowing them to function on all platforms.

Just like native applications, the hybrid ones can also be accessed via app stores (Apple App Store and Google Play).