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Lekarna Soča is the only Slovenian pharmacy specialised in medical devices with a long-standing tradition.

The pharmacy has a special area which allows customers to have some privacy while they are provided with advice and given the medical devices.

You will be provided advice by highly qualified pharmacists, occupational therapists and engineers of orthotics and prosthetics. Free parking is also available.

The pharmacy provides prescription-only and over-the-counter drugs. Apart from regular pharmaceuticals you can find the following articles in the Soča Pharmacy:

  • medical devices for the movement-impaired individuals
  • medical devices aimed at improving the quality of life for those suffering from incontinence, and patients with diabetes and stoma.
  • bandage material
  • food supplements
  • homeopathic medicines
  • cosmetic products

A “DRIVE IN” is a special feature of the pharmacy allowing customers to take over the goods ordered.

Lekarna Soča Drive In

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Lekarna Soča Positiva 1
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For our client we have developed an online store on the Magento 2 platform. Currently, Magento 2 is the most flexible e-commerce platform. It is a masterpiece as it offers endless options to technology buffs. Magento supports several currencies, tax rates, product groups, groups of customers… It is easy to integrate with various payment systems such as PayPal for example.

Magento e-commerce looks professionally and well organised. The platform provides the largest number of functions and options possible allowing you to build the optimal e-commerce. It comprises virtually everything, from promotional activities, to private sales, customer segmentation…

The online store is integrated with the UJP payment system which is a characteristic of the Slovenian public sector.

The store can be designed in line with the customer’s wishes. The store is connected to the ProLis program for the pharmacy operations management.

Lekarna Soča is hosted by Microsoft Azure Cloud.

You are thus invited to have a look at their web site and to do some shopping. In case you want to know more about online stores, please contact us at info@positiva.si.