Client view


TPV is one of the leading development suppliers in the automobile industry. They develop and manufacture bodywork and chassis sets, components and elements of car seats as well as engine gaskets for car manufacturers and leading system suppliers. Along with this, they develop and provide comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for smart factories where automatically driven vehicles are one of the key products.

Their basic manufacture, sales and service programme is completed with the following two programmes: TPV AUTO and TPV Trailers.

Some brief details

  • 1200+
  • 5 locations in Slovenia, 1 in Serbia, 1 in USA and 1 in China.
  • More than 23 km of welds made each day.
  • More than 59 million components sold each year.



For our client TPV we have developed a hybrid mobile application TPV Smartphone. The application allows the employees of TPV to access certain information and data anywhere at any time. It has been developed with the aim to increase the company’s mobility and efficiency.

The application itself has been developed on the Ionic 3 platform. The API part of the application is driven by the reliable Laravel that provides a fast and safe operation of the back end system.

The application is divided into several different modules in the framework of which users can see a calendar of company’s holidays and events, and register to such events.

The application also allows users to warn of any obstacles they come across in doing their job. At the same time, they may also publish their innovative suggestions or solutions.

Another interesting function is a survey which allows the management to efficiently obtain the opinion of their employees with the aim of different improvements in various areas.

The application also has the TPV Advertising tool which allows users to donate or sell things, or place an ad to buy something.

The greatest advantage of a hybrid application is that you only need one version of it. There is no need in designing, developing and maintaining separate versions of applications running on one or the other platform (iOS and Android).

Despite this, you will get an application which will allow users a smooth and native-feeling app experience.