Website design and hosting

We advise our clients and show them that a website and webpages do not suffice. The client must also see to the identity and quality of their online presence. We encourage the clients to invest into their website, in addition to their investments into their salons and other points-of-sale, as a good website are increasingly important factors of making a good impression on users, they boost customer fidelity and appeal to potential buyers.


The advantages of a website are:

  • The duration of a website – advertising via a website is not limited. Websites remain while other media are not active;
  • The capacity of websites – they support large quantities of data, images and videos. Creating a website is the most cost-effective solution;
  • Up-to-date nature of websites – simple editing is made possible via the CMS system;
  • Price-performance ratio – creating a website has been proven to be the cheapest method of promotion with the right approach;
  • Positive impact on the company – creating a website with a good concept has a positive impact on the company, which has been proven by the analysis of the effects of company websites on business results;
  • Brand consolidation – creating a website enables the promotion and strengthening of a brand. The key factor is that the design of the website is contemporary and harmonized with corporate/brand identity.


Content Management System

Each website comes with the so-called Content Management System (CMS). This system enables the management/editing of the structure and content of websites. Its modular concept and open architecture enable the adjustment to any kind of content-related or functional needs of our clients.

The Content Management System functions online, so that editors may edit the content anywhere, all they need is Internet access.

Our social responsibility

At Positiva, we are well aware of our social responsibility. It plays a crucial role in our management strategies and our operations in various fields, in relation to the environment, our employees, partners and others.

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